Aloha Henderson began its activity in 2011 as an installation company in the electricity and telecommunications sector.

We have been participating in the deployment of all telecommunications, mobile and fixed networks in Spain for more than 10 years. Likewise, we have been expanding our portfolio of activities to engineering, maintenance and infrastructure services and solutions for different sectors such as security, transport and naval.

This growth has been accompanied by an expansion at European level that has led us to have a presence in other countries such as Germany.




We develop infrastructure and civil engineering for all types
of project:

  • Administration of licences and legalisations
  • Works management and supervision
  • Construction and adaptation of buildings and technical rooms
  • Conditioning of land and spaces
  • Design, manufacture and installation of base plates andmetal structures
  • Installation of telecommunications masts (tubular and lattice)
  • Construction of infrastructure reinforcement and camouflaging


  • We undertake basic and detailed engineering
  • Construction project engineering
  • Fibre-optic Network design engineering
  • Mobile Network design engineering
  • Shipping project engineering
  • Administration of licences and permits
  • Redesigns and reconfigurations
  • Software Engineering, Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Advanced operations centre (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Energy efficiency (Smart site for Infrastructure management and control)


Mobile Networks

We deploy and maintain mobile telephony networks (3G,4G, 5G) and Radio networks (WiFi, WiMAX and transmissionequipment). We acquire and manage sites:

  • Site engineering (site survey, site design)
  • Remote integration
  • Script generation
  • Node optimisation
  • Monitoring of KPIs
  • Infrastructure adaptation
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Legalisation and certification (RSSI, PIM)
  • Maintenance
  • We offer Signal coverage improvements
  • We deploy mobile units
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance

Fixed networks

We develop roll-out projects for Coaxial and Fibre-optic
networks (FTTx, FFTH, FTTN). We perform:

  • Design and engineering of fixed networks (GIS, QGIS, Keycom, GeoStruct, AutoCAD)
  • Property layout configuration
  • Zonal feasibility studies
  • Aanalysis of own and third-party ducting
  • Logistical control of materials
  • Fibre-optic roll-out
  • Field measurements and certifications
  • Delivery documentation and as-built plans of the layout
  • Handling of authorisations, installations licences and permits
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance.


More than10 years growing together with our customers

With a global perspective of the market, atAloha Henderson we are a solid companywithexperience and projects carried outfor our clients in Europe and in Africa.

An international vision that allowsus to export and import our knowledge todevelop complete and proven proposals.


Our commitment to continuous improvement and the sustainable development of all our activities has led us to implement an integrated management system in which we establish quality management, information security, environmental management and occupational health and safety as strategic and fundamental elements in the fulfillment of our objectives.

Likewise, we continuously value and optimize all processes in order to achieve a better performance of the organization, in addition to offering all our stakeholders an added value, which increases our competitiveness in the different sectors in which we work.